Short Solutions to Business Issue – 3 -Managing Cash Flow During COVID-19

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Photo by Scott Graham on UnsplashThe Pandemic threat from COVID-19 since late 2019 has created a lot of problems and challenges for a lot of businesses and personal life.

For small and medium businesses, the pandemic created endless challenges such as:

  • generating income,
  • getting customers,
  • supplies and
  • office management
  • managing cash flow with depleting cash income.

On the other hand, businesses still need to meet the commitment made especially in its financial commitment,  such as making repayment on bank credit facilities, servicing debts and so on.

With the crunch of credit facilities and limited sources of financing sources, a lot of small and medium companies will face liquidity issue.

And those operating on shoe strings budget will have more challenges than those with deep pocket.

A lot of businesses do not pay attention to cash flow management, especially in this pandemic time.

I have seen most of them just rely on the bank statement to monitor their cash flow.

Is it the right way to do and manage your cash flow?

Why are most of the companies using this method to monitor their cash flow always face cash flow issue, and the owners seem to be lamenting that they do not have the cash to operate?

In my years of experience working as Chief Financial Officer of companies, I noticed this trend by most owners.

And I devised a method to help to manage the cash flow and achieving a better outcome with my method of managing cash flow.

What Can You Do?

If you want to know how to effectively manage your cash flow, and have a peace of mind and ensuring you do not have to worry about your cash flow, just need to focus on growing and managing your operation, you can click on the link here to let me know.

How Can We Help?

I have prepared a simple E-book on Managing Cash Flow, titled Lazy People Guide in Cash Flow Management.

IF you want to have a copy of the easy guide, please drop me an email and we can have a private discussion on this topic.

For those who are interested in a copy of the e-book, you can message me and purchase it.

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