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IN this challenging business world, there are a lot of businessmen who are looking for some quick fix solutions to solve their business problems, which they face every day, or more commonly known as simple solution.

The business men face some of the common problems as follows :

  1. Hiring the right staffs for the jobs.
  2. Finding customers for their goods or services.
  3. Cash flow management.
  4. Debt collections and credit policies.
  5. How to manage stock in order not to cause any strain in the cash flow.
  6. Internal control and procedures to ensure smooth running of operation.
  7. Remuneration and rewards so that productivity and efficiency can be maintained.
  8. Sustainability of the business.
  9. Succession plan for the operation.
  10. How to have a lean and effective operation.

The above are some of the issues we come across.

Businessmen wish they have some sorts of avenue for them to refer to have easy solutions.

Does Consultant’s report worth the money?

Normally when they face with these types of issues, they would engage consultants to provide some useful solutions.

Consultants, as usual will produce a report, which may cover a few hundred pages, so they can justify their fees for proposing the solutions.

The businessmen will not have the times and effort to go through the solutions.

The report produced may be information overload and voluminous for the businessmen to digest and implement.

Simple Solution

This website will try to provide a simple solution for the busy business men.

We are aware of what types of solutions business need:

  • a quick fix
  • which is effective and
  • workable and
  • cost as little as possible and
  • value for money.

We are the people who  provide and suggest the solutions.

W e are also the people who operate the astutebizadvisory.com,

Based on personal experience and knowledge, we decided to produce some E- Books on Short Solutions for Businesses..

simple solution

IF you have any suggestions and comments.

Do leave a message below in the comments section or email us at cheeshi@lazypeopleguide.com